Every kg lost represents a new challenge. Weight management balances lipolysis, metabolism, true water composition and food intake to produce consistent results with no rebounds.


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Combining the best of slimming knowledge and technology, our signature treatments are painless, predictable and effective.

Fat Reduction – Melt . Cool . Detox . Compress . Drain
Stubborn Fats @ Tummy, Arms, Back, Bottom, Thighs, Calves
Reduce unwanted fat from aging, sedentary lifestyle or hormonal changes. Women tend to gain weight around the waist / bottom / thigh and men around the tummy and chin. Award winning treatments designed to target your specific problem area.

Fat Burn Systems
X3 Tripolar|3KCavitation|HerKins UltraShape|AeroFat Rf + Vac|SureSculpt CoolShape|Ceramic Thermal Wrap

Signature Weight Loss Programmes
Heredity, diet, lifestyle and stress can cause weight increases. Only BodyPerfect’s Total Transformation guarantees no weight rebounds after treatment*. Award-winning treatments trusted by Singapore celebrities for both inch loss and weight management.

Signature Treatments
DFS BodyPerfect|360 SpotReduction|Body Fat-Mobilisation|Cellular Fat Eliminator|DeeperFatBurn|Signature FatBurner

Cellulite & Stretchmarks
Cellulite is the common body concern women face. There are 4 stages of cellulite. Stretch marks happen due to pregnancy, sudden weight gain/loss. Depleting collagen leads to loose skin and body contours become less defined.

Lymphatic Systems
VelaShape Cellulite-free|Cellusculpt Plus|TherMagic RF|Cellulite Gel

Lymphatic Enhancement & Detox
Achieving the perfect body of your dreams is now within easy reach. You can improve your bust size the safe way and invent a new look for yourself, all in an hour.

TripleAction|LAT PressoTherapy|Ceramic Thermal Wrap|Lymphatic Massage|Smart Dietary Enhancement



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Amazing results with BodyPerfect's award winning treatments


“I am slimmer than before I had 3 kids. Who’d think it would be possible?”
Joey Swee – Mother of 3 boys. Lost 15.4kg in 5 weeks
before treatment: 70.4kg
    after treatment: 55kg
      When one thinks of celebrity moms, Joey Swee has to be one women we all admire. Simply, being a mother of 3 boys is not easy feat; but looking better after every new born is something all Singaporean women can aspire to.

      Joey has been a BodyPerfect client since her first child in 2006. Her ability to bounce back after every child, is also a case study for all new moms. Every pregnancy is different, and hence, each weight loss programme has to be tailored for a new mother’s recovery of her pre-natal figureline.

      What is more amazing is after her third child, she only took 5 weeks to reach her ideal weight which was 55kg. This proves that it is just as easy to lose weight after three kids as after your first child.

      “I was unable to do physiotherapy because of my weight and I just got heavier. BodyPerfect empowered me to get slim again.”
      Margaret Lee – Bouncing back from surgery. Lost 12.6kg in 8 weeks.
      before treatment: 65.1kg
        after treatment: 55.9kg
          We all know Margaret Lee from television in the 90′s and 2000′s, but many are not aware that Margaret has had a successful career in finance over the last six years. Yes, apart from adorning magazine covers and mingling with the “in” crowd, Margaret, has a real job.

          When she decided to visit us before the New Year, we were shocked that she had put on a lot of weight suddenly. Naturally, we thought that a busy career has made her lose her famously curvaceous figure. The truth was that after working in Hong Kong in the previous year, she suffered a collapsed disc requiring spinal surgery. She was, for the most part, kept bed-ridden, with the doctor’s orders preventing the once active Margaret from exercising.

          She had put on almost 10kg in the subsequent few months, and couldn’t fend off the slowly accumulating pounds. The additional weight was also a burden on her recovering spine. Cliche as it may be, she felt that she had no choice but to come to BodyPerfect. By mid-April, she had lost 9.2kg and even managed to slowly start exercising again.

          “I was just a fat kid, if I could do it, anyone can do it!”
          Olinda Cho – Artiste. Lost 15kg in 12 weeks
          Olinda Cho, a music artiste, first came to fame as the second runner-up in a well-known TV programme in 2004, and since then her mesmerising transformation with BodyPerfect has resulted in even more attention from the media.

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