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2x GuaSha Tummy Trim Therapy
SMART Fibre Probiotic Drink
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Fact: More than half of Singaporeans gain weight almost instantly after diet or exercise? True or False

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Customised MoxiCure therapies are the perfect complement to healthy weight management.
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MoxiCure can help you now!

Your body has amazing healing power to reverse 5, 10 and even 20 years of fat accumulation,
you only need 20, 30, 40 days to witness change.

For long lasting results, Aesthetic treatments need to be harmonized with
1) GuaShua Detox 2) Moxi 3)Traditional Oil 4) Ionic Minerals to form a holistic program.

MoxiCare can improve organ health so that your body resets to efficiently absorb nutrients and increase metabolism.

We have 7 days guarantee programmes that help you lose to 5cm or more.
Learn about Calorie Neutral diets that keeps you full naturally and yet lose weight.

Over 100,000 successful treatment programs done!
Effectively designed to target fat and cellulite
Shape up and lose 3.1cm in one visit and more!
Reduce health risk including diabetes and blood pressure
Gain healthy
cm loss and weight reduction

Tummy Transformation

Tummy Transformation (Side)

* Results shown above may vary between individuals

Every Visit Comes with Professional Consultation

Every visit starts with a
detailed body test
  • Fat percentage
  • Body hydration lost
  • Salt and protein levels
  • Organ Health
  • 30 other key body factors
Stubborn Fat
  • 3 Powerful technologies to loosen and break fat cells
  • Infrared, Magnetic Waves and Red Light Laser
  • Witness fat reduction in 40mins*
Biological Stimulation
with BodyScience™
  • Scandinavian hyperconcentrated natural extracts
  • Increases metabolism by up to 10% for 24hours *
  • Advanced Brown Fat Synthesis treatment

How is BodyPerfect DIFFERENT?

Over 100,000
Treatment Programs
Developed and Backed
by Science and Research
Multiple Award
Leading Weight loss and
Body Aesthetics Provider
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I am slimmer than ever before I had my 3 beautiful kids. How many women can say that?
Celebrity Mom

Joey Swee – Lost 5kg in 8 weeks

After attending 2 sessions in 5 days, I actually lost 1.2kg and 16cm overall! I can’t wait for the next treatment to come!

Janice Fion – Lost 28″ overall in 2 sessions

BodyPerfect understand my root problems and effectively remove my fats that build up over the years. Making my body aesthetically move more beautiful!

SG Budget Babe – Lost 11.25′ overall in 4 weeks

Swimsuit Catwalks are not a problem when BodyPerfect is with me!
SMU 2016 Finalist

Shona Woo – Got her swimsuit perfect body in 2 weeks