Margaret Lee


Previously often seen on television, Margaret suffered a slipped disc that prevented her from excercising and contributed to a 10kg weight gain. However, things started to look positive when she joined BodyPerfect. The combination of cutting-edge treatments aimed at blasting overall fat was able to help Margaret lose 9.5kg that helped regained her confidence again.

Year Weeks Before After Total lost
2010 8 67.7kg 55.1kg 12.6kg
2007 7 64kg 54.5kg 9.5kg
Total inch loss 125.5″

She further embarked on an inch loss confidence challenge that helped break down stubborn fats around her arms, stomach and thigh region. This challenge was intensive but Margaret was able to successfully accomplish it in 8 weeks by losing an increased 12.6kg with an impressive 125.5 inch loss in total.

Margaret Lee