Focuses localised heat to above 40 degree beneath the skin’s surface via radio frequency liquefies the broken down fatty acid chains for enzymic action. Multipolar RF energy dispersion provides more surface area for the enzymic breakdown of fat cells.

X3 Tripolar RF technology is specific purposed to solve or dramatically improve the following problems:
• Cellulite
• Fat Reduction – Bipolar & Tripolar
• Skin Tightening – Bipolar, Tripolar, Dot Matrix
• Post Liposuction Smoothing and Tightening
Monopolar vs Bipolar?
Bipolar RadioFrequency Used with Laser and IPL

Herkins Dual Frequency Radio Frequency (RF) treatment uses electrical pulses to effectively tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. It works by selectively delivering heat energy to the middle and lower levels of skin stimulating new collagen growth without damaging the upper skin layers. Dual Radio Frequency (RF) safely delivers targeted bursts of heat energy to the middle and lowers levels of your skin. The heat energy tightens the skin’s existing collagen and stimulates the growth of new collagen, which plumps the skin, making it appear tighter and more youthful. Radio Frequency is FDA approved for the tightening of skin.
Perfect for:
Stubborn fat melting and body sculpting. Weight loss results when combined with other treatments.
Dual Radio Frequency for dissolving lipids for enzyme breakdown.
Treatment time: 20 mins onwards
Price: From $488 per visit, per area
Dual RF (Dual RadioFrequency)
Tripolar / Multipolar RF
Dot Matrix, Fractional and Lattice RF