New Client Agreement & Waiver Form

I hereby acknowledge and consent the following in full, without exceptions
  1. I agree that I am fit and able to receive treatments.I fully release and indemnify Bodyperfect and Skinperfect labs (hereby “Company”) and its associates are not liable for any damages, injury, demise or adverse effects arising from the treatments provided from and against any and all such claims and liabilities, including attorneys’ fees. I further agree to release the Company, including its directors, employees, representatives and agents from any liability involved, including the risk of injury, accident, death, loss, cost or damage to my person or property.
  2. I agree to the Company and its agents contacting me via email, telephone, sms for marketing purposes, even if I am registered with the Do not call registry.
  3. I agree that I have entered this package without coercion, on my own free will, without duress or undue pressure from the company and its associates. I agree that a proper maintenance routine and regular attendance of treatments will contribute to my treatments having optimal results. Our treatments are cosmetic in nature. Our Company-appointed medical professional will advise you in the event of any health concern.
  4. I have been given a bundled package price instead of paying an individually listed price. As such, individually listed prices will be calculated for any discontinuation of service/treatments/products packages (with cancellation charges) and any complimentary products/treatments will also be charged accordingly.
  5. I have read the refund policy and agree to abide by it. The company is entitled to claim a reasonable sum in respect of the services and products supplied, which include the value of any utilised treatment session(s)/product(s) collected, card charges, taxes, etc, for any refund, including and not limited to refunds claimed during the cooling period. This will be deducted from the sum to be refunded. In accordance with our refund policy, all rendered services and products are strictly non-refundable. Within 30 days of any purchase, a cancellation fee of 17% will be imposed on all refunds and unutilised values. Within 31 days to 180 days of treatment, a cancellation fee of 35% be imposed on all refunds and unutilised values. Within 180 days to 1 year from the purchase date, a cancellation fee of 75% be imposed on all refunds and unutilised values. Any purchases above 1 year from the purchase date is strictly non refundable.
  6. I agree that this acknowledgement shall apply to all my subsequent purchases of services and/or products from the company. In the event of any inconsistency and any subsequent purchases I may enter into with the company, the terms and conditions found on our website www.bodyperfect.com.sg/terms will prevail and the Company will reserve the right to change its terms and policies at its sole discretion.