Regulate salt intake in food

Did you know that cutting down on salt intake can help women in shedding up to 1.5kg of weight? Overconsumption of salt can cause the body to store extra water to dilute the presence of salt that leads to water retention. The symptoms are inclusive of bloating and swollen ankles. 1g of salt equals to retaining an extra kilo of water weight.

Sleep on it!

There has been research that indicates those who slept 5 hours and less are more likely to gain 13kg and more as compared to those who slept 7 hours every night. The reason for this weight gain is due to sleep deprivation that lowers the metabolic rate and increases our desire to consume comfort food. Therefore, the extra 30 minutes of sleep can actually help in letting you feel more refreshed, make better food choices and increase your basal metabolic rate in burning more calories.

Avoid having a heavy breakfast

The digestive ability of the body in the morning and night is at its weakest, thus a heavy breakfast actually burdens your body. The optimum time for consuming a heavy meal should be at noon as that is when the digestive system is at its peak. A healthy and light breakfast can be inclusive of foods like fresh fruits, complex carbohydrates and fresh juice to give you the necessary energy in going about your daily activities.

Engage in physical activities

This means that you should try to incorporate activities like joining classes such as zumba, taking a walk or running to get your body moving. These simple exercises can not only burn extra calories through sweating but also release endorphins which are hormones linked to pleasure and positive emotions.

Soft drinks and sauces are bad for you

Often, many foods have too much sauce that dramatically increase the salt and sugar content of your favourite local dishes which applies to soft drinks as well. These high caloric items and only add towards your expanding waistline in piling up the pounds. So go easy on these items and make a conscious decision to opt for healthier choices instead.