Compliment your weight management goals with Smart Concept – specifically designed to energise a healthy digestive system after many years of neglect. As part of a balanced diet and proper food pairing, this can help increase success or create breakthrough in a weight management or skin therapy system designed by our Consultants. This will reduce the habit of the body to store new fat from our daily food after our treatments have reduced it.

SMART FIBRE detoxifies the intestines and promotes probiotic activity within the gut. You will feel less bloated after meals, with better bowel movement everyday. Contains a green mixture including cleansing lemon extracts and the superfood wheatgrass. It complements our quintessential balancing diets when our badies face a weight plateau.

SMART COLLAGEN reduces undigested food in the stomach while you rest. Smart Enzymes cleans up the gut of undigested food and adds key anti-ageing ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid to help repair the body’s connective tissue to aid better recovery with our skin and body management programmes.

SMART TEA reduces the sugar intake by the stomach after a meal. This reduces the sluggishness that we feel after a meal and balances blood sugar which is key to a healthy lifestyle. Tea has anti-oxidants that restores free-radical depletion and keeps cells healthy. Don’t just drink tea, drink the smarter choice everyday.