Tighten Fat

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Newly emptied fat cells and skin need to be tighten for achieving perfect contours. Fractional Radio Frequency Technology and LipoLed Photomodulation tighten collagen and tensions skin, BodyScience Wraps remineralised skin and compresses newly formed interstitial cavities to regain lost curves, helping you lose dress sizes or fit into old favorites.

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BodyPerfect’s VelaSmooth is well known for circumference tightening and cellulite reduction tightening. Proprietary elos™ technology delivers optimal results for treating both deeper tissue and skin’s surface with FDA approved 4 at once energy delivery. It is a leading non-invasive, effective & safe procedure. FDA is cleared to treat the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and flanks. Over 10,000 women are treated with VelaSmooth everyday.
Perfect for:
Inch Loss results. Weight loss results when combines with other treatments.
4 in 1 Medically approved System awake the body and kickstart slimming results.
Treatment time: 40 mins onwards
Price: From $248 per visit

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VelaShape uses a combination of Infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and negative pressure (suction) to heat deep adipose (fat) issue. Infrared ligt, tissue mobilization, and suction, all work synergistically with RF to reduce cellulite.


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Also known as a micro-needling device, the Anti-Stretch mark roller works to promote cellular repair and to heal stretch mark wounds. This is done by introducing collagen and elastin to stretch marks, and by deeply penetrating the tissue through massage.
Depending on the type of stretch marks, the length of treatment varies: 8-12 sessions for newer red coloured stretch marks, and 12 to 18 sessions to resolve older white stretch marks. The follow up sessions work to reduce the appearance of the marks which depigment themselves gradually.
Perfect for:
Reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks when combined with RF, LED Photomodulation and DiamondDermal.
Technology: Mechanical Collagen Stimulation
Treatment time: 40 mins onwards
Price: From $148 per visit
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