I’d suggest the following food pairs for better health during the day:

Choose lean protein or complex carbohydrates with plant fat for breakfast, eat fresh fruit with nuts mid-morning or mid-afternoon, have your main starch at lunch with plant fat, or you could opt for a big green salad with beans, and have lean protein with vegetables for dinner.

Here are some great combinations:

  1. Oatmeal + pecans
  2. Egg whites + avocado
  3. Orange + walnuts
  4. Greek yogurt + berries
  5. Cottage cheese + pineapple
  6. Whole grain bread + peanut butter
  7. Hummus + raw veggies
  8. Spinach + cannellini beans
  9. Fish + asparagus
  10. Chicken + broccoli


BREAKFAST: Mushroom omelet, avocado toast, vegan pancakes with butter, or strawberries and apple slices.

LUNCH: Baked potato with steamed broccoli, spinach-and-white bean salad, lentil soup with roasted cauliflower, or sashimi with seaweed salad.

SNACK: Green salad, orange with kiwi slices, cucumbers and hummus, or celery with peanut butter.

DINNER: Chicken breast with asparagus, lamb with cauliflower rice, brown rice with sauteed mixed veggies, or roasted peppers stuffed with millet.