BODYWERKZ believes that we need to target actual fat loss in every treatment. Controlling the fat breakdown process is the only way to provide true sustainable weight loss without exercise or diets. We divide the fat break down in different types of treatment.

Fat Reduction


Fat Freeze is a non-surgical fat reductions procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body. 


Lipo Killer is a fat blasting machine that can launch up to 80000HZ. Fat cells will instantly blast making different parts of the body beautiful. 


Nano Slim uses energy heating to shape the body and provide acupoint physiotherapy. Just 20 minutes of sessions, you can subtract 2 – 5cm. 

Detox & Wellness


Nano Magnetic promote lymphatic detoxification, blood circulation, running ‘Qi’ and blood. This treatment helps to removes toxins and quickly clear all lymphatic vessels of the whole body. 


Moxibustion has been used to prevent and cure diseases for more than 2500 years. This helps to strengthen Qi and eliminate general fatigue leading to increased energy throughout the day.


People with poor immune systems that get sick easily, migraine, over stress, mood swings, unable to focus and insomnia can receive ear care treatment to maintain a good health.

Contouring & Bust Care


Multipolar RF is radio wave skin tightening machine. This is a patented procedure used to  tighten loose sagging skin, cellulite treatment and shaping your body.


Cyromask helps boost collagen to lighten stretch mark and promote healthy skin. Stretch mark are caused by distension of the skin from obesity or during pregnancy.


Bust care treatment may help to stimulate the blood flow, lymph vessels and reduce the risk lymphedema in the arms and chest. It also helps to firm loose and saggy breast.

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